• Scope of the Conference

    The 1st Shanghai HTS Conference (ShHTS 2018) will consist of all oral sessions, featuring the commercialization of REBCO coated conductor and related applications for R&D. The following of HTS science and technology are focused:

    (a) Basics of REBCO wire

    Critical current (Ic), Pinning, Weak-link, Processing method, Ic measurement, Microstructure


    (b) Commercial REBCO wires

    Long wire, High Ic conductor, Combined conductor, Fabrication method, Quality control, Production management


    (c) Electric Power Applications

    Cable, SFCL, Generator, Motor, SMES, Combined conductor


    (d) Magnet Technology and its Applications

    Magnet, High-field Magnet, NMR, MRI, Industrial Applications, Fusion, Accelerator, 4K Applications